Monday, April 15, 2013

With A Little Help From My Friends

Sometimes you spend so much time with yourself that you kind of lose sight of yourself. Do you know that feeling? You get sucked up in this strange world, fighting the good fight to make way for the person you want to be, but there's something missing. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it's there in and outside of you; this space just longing to be filled. 

This past weekend I flew out to Dallas for my friend Alex's wedding and was reunited with the group of girls who were with me from the very first day of college to the last and beyond. And suddenly that space was full again. I'd hardly taken the time to notice before or maybe I was just in denial over that one little adjective that makes such a big impact. Lonely. I've missed the community of this phenomenal group of friends that's now spread all over the states more than I can possibly say recently. Life's gotten tough and I've had to get tough right along with it. So to finally relax and be with my favorites was the best thing that could have happened to me. 
My lovelies!
There's just something about friends who know you inside and out. The ones who have been with you before you learned to pluck your eyebrows, who've ridden with you in cop cars across Arkansas after road-tripping car accidents, who cried over P.S. I Love You in bed with you and a lap full of pancakes on your 21st birthday, and who humored you by starring in your silly music videos. They know to whip around and look at you whenever a harmonica's playing, that certain names still and will likely continue to make you squawk for another eight (eight?!) years, that there's no such thing as sharing too much, and that Firefly and cuddling are always on the agenda. But above all the memories, quirks, and adventures that you make you a well-oiled unit, the best thing is that assurance that they are always there to support you and make you laugh no matter what. They take you seriously, but not too seriously, and generally just leave you feeling ALL THE FEELINGS. I am so blessed and ob-freaking-sessed with this tight-knit group of friends. I love you all so much! You blew me away this weekend and I owe you my sanity and leis strung with oreos and happy feels.

So now I'm going to do what I always do when I'm missing them terribly... Eat chocolate and cry a little over this video I gave them all at the end of senior year... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Six weeks till reunion #2!


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh sally!!!! (This is amanda by the way). Randomly found this through twitter and i am so glad i read it! I feel you, girl- i feel like i didnt know i had been missing yall til we were all together. I just watched the video and died laughing- just what i needed!!! Cant wait to see you again in greenville in six short weeks! :)

    1. Ahhhhhhh it was SO good seeing you, Amanda! And, yeah, I have a serious snort fest over half the stuff in that video- haha. Can't wait to, you know, SEE YOU GET MARRIED IN SIX WEEKS!! xx