Saturday, April 27, 2013

Picture Book Update

You may remember that when Hurricane Sandy hit last October, I spent my days in a blanket fort scribbling away at my notes for the upcoming NaNoWriMo and a picture book that came out of nowhere. This little story about a rather unique dragon tickled me pink, but it seemed drastically different from everything I'd workshopped in my writing classes. I'd always submitted middle grade or YA pieces. So I was really nervous when we pulled our desks together for a critique circle. But when we finally did, I was bowled over by overwhelming positive feedback as well as a note from my teacher saying I should edit it and send it out for publishing. I was stunned.

Well finally! Five months after getting that note, I've finally let it sit long enough and tightened it up to the point where I feel comfortable sending it out. This is, in a way, really scary; putting a beloved character of mine in the hands of a professional with the power to tear it up like... well, a professional! But ultimately I do think this story is meant to be shared and whether it's a yes or no, I am happy to get feedback to make it even stronger. 

Over the past few months, I've been making a list of dream agents. You don't pitch your story to a publishing house, you pitch to an agent. They pitch it to the publishing house. So this week I sent it out to my first wave of agents. I'm querying them first because I especially admire their work, think we'd get along well, and would love to have fighting them my corner. It's so bizarre to think my story is now in their slush pile. It's so crazy!! Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a wee update that actually concerns writing. Now the long wait for replies begins... But there you go! You know, no big... AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm so blooming excited for you, Sally!!!!!! I've got all my fingers (and toes) crossed, and am sending tons of happy thoughts your way!

  2. Ermmagheerrrdd!! This is HUGE!! All the best!