Tuesday, April 16, 2013

mardi muse: Wicked

98% of the time, I know exactly what I'll be listening to on the drive to work before I get to my car. But today I was in rare form and inspiration didn't strike until my seat belt clicked into place. "Aha! Wicked!" Whether it's because it feels like it's been five years since I've actually listened to the soundtrack or because I associate Tuesdays with New Girl and there's that great bit with Winston singing along to it when he thinks he's alone in the car (side note: this is me whenever I listen to Wicked (and by me I guess I really mean everybody!)), I was definitely belting this on the highway.
I still consider this to be the best poster on Broadway. (x)
Now I know fairy tale retellings are the "in thing" right now (don't get me wrong, I love this!), but Wicked is kind of the hipster that did it before it was cool. Like I said, I've not listened to it in ages, but it was still so fresh. From the opening "No One Mourns The Wicked" that manages to immediately immerse you in this strange and wonderful world of Oz, to "Dancing Through Life" that still makes me want to wear sparkly things and dance around with a wand, and of course "Defying Gravity," the story is so solid and so strong. I can't think of a single weak point. The character development is just flawless. Flawless! Or should I say magical? I just love that even though I'm so familiar with the story that since I had a bit of distance from it, songs like "The Wizard And I" still managed to make me cry before I fully emerged from my pre-coffee zombie state. I was battling a serious case of Claire Danes-esque wobbly chin! But I am not ashamed! No. Because it's important to surround yourself with stories that affect you and have a positive impact. And the fact that this one's in musical format, well, that's just a bonus! 

So why is this masterpiece my mardi muse? Well not only was it a great start to the day, but it got the wheels turning for one of the stories I've got on the back burner. The more I let this story sizzle in the background, the more I feel like it might just work as a kind of fairy tale retelling... I'm starting to think this might be the right direction for it... Hmm...

P.S. Did anyone else burst out crying when they saw "Defying Gravity" live? OHMYCREYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. HA "a serious case of Claire Danes-esque wobbly chin!"

    I first saw Wicked live in Chicago and was totally blown away by the soundtrack. I still have the original playbook from the show. Might be time to revisit the soundtrack!