Monday, March 4, 2013

To Glitz and Grand Staircases

Yesterday, my friends and I curled up with the new and improved Upstairs Downstairs to pass the chilly day. We were in no way trying to replace Downton Abbey as 1) that would be impossible and 2) we are no longer on speaking terms with that show anyway. And while I can't say Upstairs Downstairs stirred up a mind-blowing love affair, it had a certain charm. I love all things WWII era, so it was just my cup of tea. A much needed cup of tea post-Downton trauma. Sure, there was still a death in this series, but since I wasn't half as attached to these characters, I wasn't having an existential crisis before my feet hit the ground this morning. 
Gah! I want to make a life with this dress! (x)
Fashion is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons why I'm so enamored with this era. Luckily, the costuming for this series was no exception. I kid you not, but the moment Keeley Hawes (love! do yourself a favor and watch her in Under the Greenwood Tree) appeared in her gold sequin dress, we all started SCREAMING! I can't explain it, in fact it seems the very antithesis of my taste, but in the past year I have become obsessed with all things gold and glittery. So when I saw this dress... ZOMG-I-WANT-TO-GET-MARRIED-IN-THAT-DRESS! *grabby hands*
Concept art by production designer Eve Stewart.
Somehow all things WWII seem to make way for glorious pops of color. Think Keira Knightley's emerald dress in Atonement. I was delighted to see that Upstairs Downstairs adopted this technique. While the exterior of the house itself looks typically sparkling white like any other on Eaton Place, the interior is anything but. Rich blues against a black and white checked floor trumpet a stunning foyer and the jade green adorning the walls of the parlor and even the pistachio pudding made my mouth water. I simply must take a page out of their book when it comes time to decorate a home of my own in approximately 20 years.
If you haven't seen Claire Foy in Little Dorrit, I highly recommend it! (x)
But hands down, my favorite use of color was Persie's ruby red dress with matching nails and a shouldered fur. Absolutely gorgeous. I want to live in this outfit. I want to go to champagne-doused parties in this outfit and pay my bills in this outfit. Why did we ever stop dressing like this? I do not understand! I do not want to understand! By golly, I will start dressing like this! Because I am an independent WWII era loving woman! Because I can!
Nope. (x)
On a final note concerning costuming, as if introducing yet another heart-throb political chauffeur wasn't bad enough, they had to go and dress him in outfits like this! Just plain cruel. Even if he is a fascist.

Have you watched Upstairs Downstairs? I, for one, am very much looking forward to season 2. Cheers!


  1. Haha! So funny and SO true. Why did we stop dressing like this? I'll bring it back if you will!

    1. *clinks champagne glass* Let's do it then! I feel like everyone secretly wants to dress like this... So what's stopping us?!

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