Tuesday, March 12, 2013

mardi muse: vlogs

In an attempt to both add a bit more structure to this blog and keep my creative juices flowing, I've decided to start shedding light on anything and everything that leaves me walking away feeling inspired. This week that thing would be vlogs. Side note: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They seem to be all I talk about anymore, so it only makes sense to showcase them first. After discovering The Lizzie Bennet Diaries earlier this year, I soon found myself mercilessly entangled in the black-hole-esque world of vlogs. But this time it wasn't fictional characters I was wrapped up with, it was real-life people. Though it's been quite some time, I've always enjoyed making little videos. So I suppose that's how vlogging initially captured my interest. But more than that, clicking back through content and seeing these vloggers change and grow, witnessing how their editing and storytelling adapted and improved, was fascinating. Besides, it's just plain cool when you find yourself relating to someone halfway around the world (an excellent A*Teens song, by the way! ha... no really)!

Without further ado, here are a few vlogs that I've really come to love. Honestly, I've started anticipating their weekly updates more than most tv shows. And that's saying something!

JacksGap. This is the exact vlog I can pinpoint for a) fanning the flames of vlog addiction and b) inspiring about 132 ideas for potential YA novels. Here's Jack with his twin Finn on their gap year, taking on challenges suggested by their subscribers:
Aren't they the cutest?! Ah! They make me feel like I'm aging backwards, because... akhfdkjflskfjslkdfj *fan flail*!!!!!! Love them.

danisnotonfire. If you ever wondered why I so often fall into the habit of TYPING IN ALL CAPS, then Dan here can explain how I got to be this way...
Dan, Dan, Dan. I'm a big fan. His roommate, AmazingPhil, vlogs as well and they never fail to make me laugh out loud. I pretty much want to spend all day with them, lounging around in my jim-jams and eating Pop-Tarts.

kickthepj. His "regular" diary vlogs are highly entertaining, but what I really love are the ones where he incorporates his own animation.
Me? Have a thing for irresistibly cute British vloggers? What? But yeah, I really like his videos. Simply unique to all the rest.

ItsWayPastMyBedTime. If you know me at all, you'll know that I'm a massive McFly fan. Carrie here just so happens to be the little sister of the lead singer. I really love how she gets her subscribers involved in what she's doing. Like starting a book club, for example.

She always seems to be up to something fun and generally personifying the kind of people I like to be around.

charlieissocoollike. This guy's a youtube classic. Whether he's showing you how to make a proper cuppa or jumping out of a plane, they're all great.
He's just very endearing, easy to relate to, and has the best commentary!

BryarlyBishop. If you read my blog post yesterday, you'll know why I like her.
Hello. Let's hang out. 

Not to mention nerimon, Sprinkleofglitter, VlogBrothers, and Zoella... Oh my goodness! There are so many! How am I the last one to this party? But anyway, I'm really loving all of these. Watching them over the past few weeks, I've felt that creative itch seeping back into my life, which has been refreshing to say the least. Who knows... maybe there's some vlogging in my future ;)

Are you watching any vlogs? Do share, because I'll definitely make room for more!


  1. OMG Sprinkleofglitter and Zoella happen to be two of my all time faves!

    1. No way!!! Ah! They were the first I discovered after JacksGap and I just adore them. I had no idea you watched them! <3

  2. Love this little video. These boys are adorable in their matching flannels and accents! Love it! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

    1. Aren't they fun? Watch one and then suddenly YOU'VEGOTTOWATCHTHEMALLATONCE!