Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's On My Nightstand

  • Petit Écolier. When I eat these, I'm sitting at Mme Chauchat's dining room table. I need to be at her dining room table.
  • Lady Grey Tea. Been drinking this with a splash of milk and sugar like my teacup is bottomless.
  • Secondhand Lions. I need about a thousand comfort movies this week. This one's been a family favorite for ages, but I never had my own copy till I saw this peeking out of the $5 bin this weekend. Just the most endearing story there ever was or ever could be.
  • My latest painting. I did this little canvas over at Ali's on Sunday. For an hour, I just got to switch my brain off... and it was glorious. This is the kingdom in a story she and I have been working on for years. So I was escaping in more ways than one! I'll do a closeup soon!
  • Mexican Pumpkin Candle. When my sister Katy told me these were buy one get one at World Market this week, I was out the door immediately. Looks and smells like fall! Isn't the tin wonderful? 
  • Letters from friends. With 'Happy Autumn!' written on the envelope? The loveliest!
And with that, I'm tucking in with this week's lullaby, "Know Me Well" by Roo Panes.

Sweet dreams, moonbeams!


  1. These are my favorite posts. I just really look forward to getting a teensy glimpse into what's going on in your life. Weird, I know, but what can I say. :)

    BTW, that painting is amazing! I didn't know you could paint. I feel so terribly un-artistic. Ha!

  2. Wow, the packaging for Petits Écoliers is way nicer than in France! :)