Sunday, November 18, 2012

take me home

In two days I will be back home in sweet ol' Georgia! This will be a much needed break from Baltimore and a huge distraction from NaNoWriMo. It's going to take a ridiculous amount of discipline to get me to 50,000. Because not only will I be dealing with this and No Man's Land, but... there's another distraction...

The new One Direction album! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHfLKDFJLSKJFLSFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aww they all look like future fictional heart-throbs!
I don't even care! Their music makes me CRAZY HAPPY!!! I just want to dance and run and scream and name all the love interests in my YA stories after them! So the timing of this album couldn't be more horrible. I just want to listen to it all the time, but the tone doesn't go at all with what I'm writing. I've got to keep myself trenched in these movie scores, not arm flailing to "Kiss You" and dreaming of beachside bonfires with my friends and these baby Brits. Just kidding. I don't do that. I don't really sing along in my car imagining how we'll be imitating Niall's Irish accent, rolling up our jeans over our ankles to mock Louis in a loving way, seeing how many things we can stuff in Zayn's hair without him noticing, learning dance moves from Harry to help us not look like fools when we go salsa, and teaching Liam what a s'more is (because he's useless). I mean...

This album would be incredibly useful if I was working on a more modern project involving lots of teen love for perfectly coiffed boys who look like they've stumbled out of a J.Crew ad for Hogwarts. Alas! I am working on a fantasy novel with none of these elements... *le sigh*. Next time! Next time there will be a story that requires me to really tap into that riot of teenage emotions and thus have them on constant repeat in the name of "resarch." And there will be no judgement! That being said, when this month is over, there will still be a big One Direction dance party in celebration of 50,000 words!

And now because I have a new affection for him and just because I can, here is Harry in full life-ruiner mode.
But I'll never leave you, Louis!!! You and your French sailor attire are always giving me a "Heart Attack" (and perhaps inspiration for mini fan fics that I post *gasp* publicly). FACT. Oh... kay... Will I regret this post in the morning? Haha... nope.

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  1. How can anyone NOT love One Direction?! Just look at those faces! And listen to their ridiculously catchy music. It's inevitable.

    I dearly wish you didn't live SO FAR AWAY, Sally! It seems so unfair that we'll finally be in the same state and unable to hang out.